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Radio Larzesh

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What we are doing!

We are making and playing the best dreamy and Club music 

Basically we play just the best and unique music 

We are spending a lot of time with talented DJ’s to make and play the best track every 2 days we are playing new music also if you check our blog page you can see about new music


Special for Web Master

Dear Visitor If you are a DJ or Music maker , you can send us your track with history of track information and we will play your Music in Radio Larzesh , Also you can Subscribe easily under page we have Subscribe section just put name and email and we will update you every time ,Please don’t forget to like or follow our facebook / instagram / twitter to receive update Note! if you are a web master and would like to add your logo to our web site first you have to add our logo to your web site and after that email us your logo and we will add your logo to our web site and will email you , Thank you for start to partner


Music Request


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Select your favorite Music and we play after next track on radio

Our Hours

Mon – Fri

8am – 5pm

Sat – Sun


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