Tiesto show 2022

Tiesto live show 2022
Tiesto live show 2022
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Tiesto History:

Tijs Michiel Verwest was born in


, Netherlands, on 17 January 1969.


He began to cultivate his passion for music from age twelve. At age fourteen, he intensified his commitment to the art, and began DJing professionally at school parties. Between 1985 and 1994, Tiësto began a residency at several clubs in the Netherlands at the behest of his manager. At the Spock, a small club in Breda, he fine-tuned his own live style by performing from 10 p.m. until 4 a.m. on weekends. In the beginning of his career as a DJ he mostly played

new beat


acid house



1994–2000: Early projects and success

In 1994, he began releasing material on Noculan Records’ sub-labels Chemo and Coolman. During these years, he produced




tracks under such aliases as Da Joker and DJ Limited.


Tiësto was later

discovered by the

general manager



-based Basic Beat Recordings.


Tiësto in

Sant Antoni



, prior to performing at


, July 2000

In late 1994, Tiësto signed to Basic Beat where he met Arny Bink, Tiësto released records on the sub-label Trashcan, founded by Arny, and later created the Guardian Angel sub-label with Arny in which they introduced the popular Forbidden Paradise series. From 1995–96 he released four extended plays on Bonzai Jumps and XTC, sub-labels of Lightning Records. In 1997, he joined his friend Yves Vandichel on his sub-label, DJ Yves, a division of the now defunct Human Resource label XSV Music. In the fall of 1997, Bink and Tiësto decided to leave Basic Beat and create their own parent label,

Black Hole Recordings

, Trashcan was discontinued and Guardian Angel continued releasing music until 2002. Through Black Hole, Tiësto released the

Magik series

and also created two major sub-labels;



In Trance We Trust

. From 1998 to 1999, he released music on Planetary Consciousness where he met


Hardy Heller and invited him to release some records on Black Hole.


In 1998, Tiësto joined forces with fellow Dutch deejay

Ferry Corsten

to create the trance based duo of




The first Gouryella track, also called Gouryella, was released in May 1999 and became a huge hit scoring various chart positions around the world, including a top fifteen position in the

UK Singles Chart




Tiësto showcased this track in

Magik Three: Far from Earth

as well as in his set at the first


Innercity party (

Live at Innercity: Amsterdam RAI

), his first major breakthrough.


The next single, entitled “Walhalla”, also made it on the charts worldwide, peaking at No. 27 in the UK Singles Chart.



Released via Ferry’s Tsunami, both singles went on to be certified Gold on record sales.


During these years, Tiësto also collaborated with

Benno de Goeij


Rank 1

under the name

Kamaya Painters

. In November 1999, he released the first installment of the

In Search of Sunrise

series. Since then, he performed monthly as a resident at




, and played a 12-hour set, his longest, in




On 31 December 1999, he performed at

Trance Energy

2000, a special party held by ID&T for the turn of the millennium.



Together with

Armin van Buuren

, Tiësto created two projects in 2000; Alibi – “Eternity”,


which was released on Armind, and Major League – “Wonder Where You Are?”, which came out on Black Hole. After the release of “Tenshi” in September 2000, Tiësto decided to concentrate on his solo work and left Ferry Corsten to take on the Gouryella project solely as his own.


Through his first compilations and the “In Trance We Trust” series, he ended up introducing Armin van Buuren and

Johan Gielen

to the mainstream.


marked Tiësto’s U.S. debut,


a mix album that showcased his remix of


‘s “


“, which spent four weeks in the UK’s Top Ten chart and reached number three in the


dance chart.



In Search of Sunrise 2

was released in November 2000.

2001–2003: In My Memory

In 2001, Tiësto created a new sub-label,

Magik Muzik

, and released his first solo album,

In My Memory

, which contained 5 major hits; “

Lethal Industry

“, which was actually produced in 1999 and had only 3 copies released at that time, the track was officially released in 2001 which was remixed by

Richard Durand

in 2006 along with “

Flight 643

” which was another leading single that was later adapted with vocals by

Suzanne Palmer

and released as “

643 (Love’s on Fire)

“. Other tracks were “


” in which Tiësto worked alongside

Junkie XL

, the instrumental tracks “Dallas 4PM” and “

Suburban Train

” with “

Urban Train

” as its vocal version. The last singles to be released were “

In My Memory

” which is the title track for the album as it only received high ratings in the United States and the opening track “Magik Journey” which opened

Tiësto in Concert

(2003). On 2 February 2002, Tiësto played nine consecutive hours during the second edition of the Dutch Dimension festival.


Tiësto at




, 2003

On 27 February, Tiësto was awarded a Zilveren (‘Silver’) Harp music award. The same year he also received a Lucky Strike Dance Award in the category Best DJ Trance/Progressive. In August he became part of Moby’s

Area2 Tour

. For eighteen days he travelled through the United States with artists such as


himself, but also

David Bowie


Busta Rhymes

. In January 2003, Tiësto received the annual Dutch Popprijs (‘Pop Award’) during the Noorderslag festival. After touring with Moby, Tiësto remixed two songs from him, “

We Are All Made of Stars

” and “

Extreme Ways

” in the same year, having “We Are All Made of Stars” reach No. 13 in the

Hot Dance Club Play

. In 2002 he released his first In Search of Sunrise mix to feature a place on its name,

In Search of Sunrise 3: Panama

. On 28 March 2003; Tiësto,



Bad Boy Bill

, and Noel Sanger joined the

PlayStation 2

Dual Play tour. Tiësto and Noel’s appearance began on 13 April and ended on 6 June.


His fame continued to increase for then known he has in the early 2000s, following his six-hour “Tiësto Solo” sets which he performed without other DJs or opening acts. This idea, of one DJ playing alone to a large crowd was new. Tiësto was the first DJ to hold a solo concert in a stadium; on 10 May 2003, he performed for 25,000 people in




, later called

Tiësto in Concert

. He repeated the same type of concert the following year during two consecutive nights in late October.


In addition to holding these two concerts for 35,000 of his fans, he held another concert for a crowd of 20,000 in

Hasselt, Belgium

the following week.




of both his 10 May 2003 and 30 October 2004 concerts have been released, having the other DVD titled

Tiësto in Concert 2

. The DVDs show the journey from the first idea to the main event, featuring live performances by



Dinand Woesthoff

, and

Jan Johnston

. The event includes live music and dancers performing at different times throughout the set.


2004–2006: Just Be and appointment to the Order of Orange-Nassau

Tiësto performing in




, 2004

In 2004, he released his second artist album

Just Be

, which featured his first single “


” which is the first non-vocal track to reach number one spot in the Dutch national charts for 23 years.


The track “Sweet Misery” was originally written for


but it did not meet the deadline for the release of their album. In support to his Just Be album, he played at






, and


; these stops were later named

Just Be: Train Tour

. On 20 May 2004 he was appointed Officer of the

Order of Orange-Nassau

by Her Majesty

Queen Beatrix

of the Netherlands.



Athens Organizing Committee for the Olympic Games

(ATHOC) asked Tiësto to perform at the Olympic Games, making him the first DJ to play live on stage at an

Olympic Games

at the

2004 Summer Olympics opening ceremony



, where he played for 90 minutes.


Tiësto flew to Athens in January 2004 to have a meeting with the ATHOC. His

Tiësto in Concert

DVD caught their attention, after which he was asked to write more tracks based on his opening tune “

Adagio for Strings

” which would fit in with the Olympic spirit and combine the classical with the modern age. The first rehearsal was on 7 August, for an empty stadium; the second rehearsal was on 8 August, with 35,000 volunteers. The last rehearsal included almost 60,000 people in the stadium which was on 10 August.


During the course of his performance at the Olympics, the Dutch athletes started dancing in front of the DJ booth and had to be moved on by officials. The performance included new tracks produced especially for the Opening Ceremony and songs that were created to complement the spirit and theme of the ceremony. A condensed studio-recorded album of the songs played on the Olympic set was later released, including new songs specially composed for the occasion, entitled

Parade of the Athletes

in October 2004.


In the liner notes, he noted the IOC requested that the music not contain any lyrics as they could be inadvertently misinterpreted. In late 2004, he began his touring across

Latin America

, with his release of

In Search of Sunrise 3: Panama

in which he gained influence from the sun and sand in summer 2002. The tour continued in 2005, and Tiësto performed live in Brazil, Argentina, Chile, Panama, Peru, Costa Rica, Uruguay, Paraguay, Ecuador, Venezuela and Colombia. Following the tours,

In Search of Sunrise 4: Latin America

was released in 2005, featuring a second CD for the first time in the

In Search of Sunrise series



In 2005, his

Perfect Remixes Vol. 3

compilation was released through Warlock Records, containing ten tracks which were created during the beginning of his career, between those is

Junkie XL


Mauro Picotto


The Roc Project

. On 20 August 2005, Verwest took Tiësto in Concert to the US when he played to 16,000 at the

Los Angeles Memorial Sports Arena


Cirque du Soleil



For the second year in a row he performed live at a New Year’s Eve/New Year’s concert in

Las Vegas, Nevada

at the

Orleans Arena

to a sell-out crowd. His four-city U.S. tour was postponed due to the hurricane damage in

New Orleans




BPM magazine

has an annual poll in the US which is unveiled in the


, in 2005 Tiësto took the No. 1 spot.


The influences of

Los Angeles

remained with him and would later influence his In Search of Sunrise compilation.

A wax sculpture of Tiësto was placed behind a turntable at

Madame Tussauds

in Amsterdam where visitors can mix Tiësto’s music together.



Stops were made in Ukraine, Slovakia, Serbia, Macedonia, Romania, Hungary, the Czech Republic, Turkey, Croatia, Poland and South Africa. The United States tour that was part of

Tiësto in Concert

was dwarfed by his appearance at

Sensation White

in 2006 where he performed to over 45,000 people in




The compilation was launched in the

Winter Music Conference


Miami Beach

to support his release, Tiësto went on his

In Search of Sunrise 5 Asia Tour

for more than three weeks.


In September 2006, Tiësto was admitted to hospital after experiencing pain in his chest. He was diagnosed with


and subsequently had to cancel a number of shows.


With the diagnosis, he was invited to support


to help teens who are not aware of the risks of



2007–2008: Elements of Life

Tiësto in


, 2007

On 6 April 2007, Tiësto began presenting a new weekly two-hour radio show called

Tiësto’s Club Life

on Dutch radio station

Radio 538

. Ten days later, Tiësto released his third studio album

Elements of Life

. The album moved 73,000 units in its April release, according to

Nielsen SoundScan



During the production of the album Tiësto in several cases sent a demo with the music to certain artists, and they replied back with the lyrics and vocals and other duration times. In the case of

Christian Burns



, Tiësto met him through


and contacted him and the production of the single “

In the Dark



The album consists of





experimental music

, which shows the style Tiësto has grown throughout the years since his previous albums which contained lyrics,

In My Memory


Just Be

. Producer

Brian Transeau

collaborated with Tiësto in three tracks, he composed “Bright Morningstar” and “

Sweet Things

“, and performed the vocals in the single “

Break My Fall

“. Together, they produced more tracks which were not released in the album, Tiësto has mentioned they would work again during the coming summer.


In December 2007 it was announced that the album was nominated for a

Grammy Award

, in the category “Best Electronic/Dance Album.”


The album also received gold certifications in Belgium, Hungary, Netherlands, and Romania. In support of the album, he embarked on the worldwide

Elements of Life World Tour

, and released the

Copenhagen: Elements of Life World Tour

DVD in 2008.

Tiësto announced his residence at


. He played sets in


every Monday, from 7 July to 22 September in the style of his

In Search of Sunrise series

. In 2007, he had released

In Search of Sunrise 6: Ibiza

which was inspired by the island.


On 28 April, he released

Elements of Life: Remixed

, a recompilation of the Elements of Life album with all remixed versions. In mid-2008, Tiësto announced his

In Search of Sunrise: Summer Tour 2008

, which was presented by

Armani Exchange

in May in support of his

In Search of Sunrise 7: Asia



and the previously released In Search of Sunrise 6: Ibiza.

2009–2012: Kaleidoscope and Kiss from the Past

On 6 October 2009, he released his fourth studio album


, which featured artists such as

Priscilla Ahn


Calvin Harris


Tegan & Sara


Nelly Furtado

. Unlike his earlier albums, which were all mostly trance, Kaleidoscope explores other electronic genres, and is considered Tiesto’s most experimental album. The first single “

I Will Be Here

” featuring

Sneaky Sound System

being released in July 2009. It reached number three on the much acclaimed Driscoll 5, and lasted there for 24 weeks in the beginning of 2012.




In its first week, the album reached the Top 10 chart on




To release the album he set up a new record label called Musical Freedom after parting ways with

Black Hole Recordings

. Tiësto felt that his music was evolving in a new direction and his focus as an artist was moving away from what Black Hole was set up to support.


His new tour, sharing the name of his new album, called

Kaleidoscope World Tour

commenced in late September.


On 16 March 2010, he released a greatest hits album,

Magikal Journey: The Hits Collection 1998–2008

, a two disc album focusing on his most famous songs and remixes of his songs. On 7 April, he announced that he would start a new compilation series called A New Dawn with his own label Musical Freedom. In his interview Tiësto furthermore confirmed that he would no longer have any more involvement with Black Hole Recordings.


On 31 August,

Kaleidoscope: Remixed

was released, a remix album of his album Kaleidoscope.

Also in 2009 and 2010, Tiësto contributed songs to both the

DJ Hero


DJ Hero 2

video games and is a playable character in the second game.



He also produced a trance-flavored song for Memphis rap duo

Three 6 Mafia

‘s album called “

Feel It

“, which features

Sean Kingston


Flo Rida



Tiësto performing at the 2012

Consumer Electronics Show

On 4 April 2011, his mix compilation

Club Life: Volume One Las Vegas

was released.



On 13 June, his studio album,

Kiss from the Past

, was released under his alias Allure, and featured

Christian Burns



, and

Emma Hewitt



In March 2012, satellite radio broadcaster

Sirius XM

launched Tiësto’s Club Life Radio, one of five dance/electronic stations on the platform. Programming was “curated by Tiësto himself


“. The station ran until 2017.

2013–2018: Club Life and A Town Called Paradise

Club Life: Volume Three Stockholm

was released worldwide physically on 25 June 2013 and it hit No. 16 on the Billboard Top 200 Chart. He followed up his third “Club Life” installment with the 2014 effort,

A Town Called Paradise

. The album featured an assortment of guest stars and was preceded by two singles, “

Red Lights

” and “


” – yielding his first two gold singles in the U.S.


A medley from the album also soundtracks a presentation at the

Bellagio (resort)

fountain in Las Vegas, a first for a dance music artist.


In a 2014 interview with

DJ Magazine

, Tiësto revealed why he left trance music. When asked whether his decision to leave the genre was influential to his popularity in the United States, the Dutch producer said: “Maybe, it’s hard to say. I think I’d still be the ‘Tiesto trance guy’ but the difference is you’re not really being relevant. Some of the old trance guys still have their following but it doesn’t feel like anybody really cares – and that’s the biggest difference. It’s nice to be in touch with the new kids who are coming up – the 16 and 18-year olds who are producing house music see me as kind of a godfather, and it’s really cool to be in touch with them. I think if I’d still been a trance DJ, they’d have been so disconnected with that sound that I wouldn’t be much inspiration for them, and vice versa.”


In 2015, at the

57th Annual Grammy Awards

, he won the

Grammy Award for Best Remixed Recording, Non-Classical

for his remixed version of

John Legend

‘s hit “

All of Me



The same year his fourth installment of the Club Life compilation series, titled

Club Life: Volume Four New York City

, was released through Musical Freedom. In April 2016, he launched a

deep house

label, AFTR:HRS, to promote deep house music.



He appeared in the 2016


-nominated documentary film about American DJ and producer

Steve Aoki

, titled

I’ll Sleep When I’m Dead



On 14 January 2017, Tiësto was awarded the key to the city of

Las Vegas

. The day is now known as “Tiësto Day” in

Clark County, Nevada



He was featured in the 2017 documentary starring

Carl Cox


Martin Garrix

, titled

What We Started



On 6 October 2017, the fifth installment of the Club Life series entitled ‘

ClubLife, Vol. 5 – China

‘ was published.


The compilation album features tracks by John Christian, SWACQ, Tiësto and Z.Tao, and collaborations between Tiësto and Aloe Blacc, John Christian,


, Diplo, KSHMR, Talay Riley, Sevenn, Stargate, SWACQ and Vassy.

In March 2018,


named Tiesto as number eight on their 2018 ranking of dance musicians titled Billboard Dance 100.



On 30 March 2018, Tiësto released his debut EP titled

I Like It Loud

, featuring four songs that are collaborations with artists such as

John Christian




Matisse & Sadko





2018–present: The London Sessions

Tiësto performing at


, 2019

On 2 July 2018, Tiësto released with



Post Malone



on a track titled “

Jackie Chan



On 31 May 2019, Tiësto released with

Rita Ora


Jonas Blue

on a track called “




On 14 June 2019, Tiësto released his remix of


posthumous “Tough Love”.


On 7 May 2020, Tiësto announced his seventh studio album

The London Sessions

; it was released 15 May 2020. The album features the previously released singles “Jackie Chan”, “Ritual”, “

God Is a Dancer

“, “Blue” and “

Nothing Really Matters




estimated that Tiësto’s annual income for 2017 was $39 million, with average nightly gross of $250,000.





On 6 January 2005, Tiësto performed in an outdoor fundraiser in De Dam, Amsterdam. The free event involved Dutch artists like

Dinand Woesthoff




Acda & De Munnik



, and

Trijntje Oosterhuis

were involved in it to provide financial aid to the people who suffered from the

2004 Indian Ocean earthquake and tsunami




southeastern Asia



In April 2006, Tiësto was named the official worldwide ambassador for the


foundation promoting awareness of


, as the foundation’s ambassador he has helped the organisation with fundraising along with recording the track “


” that he recorded with

Maxi Jazz



. The foundation consists on a better way of living with safe sex in exchange of entertainment to the young crowd.


The song was a huge success, peaking for five weeks in number 3 and eleven consecutive weeks in the Top 10 of the

Dutch Singles Chart

, it reached number 5 in Belgium, number 6 in Finland and also charting in the


and Germany.

With the successful release of

Elements of Life

, Tiësto and fashion designer

Giorgio Armani

collaborated on a limited edition Tiësto T-shirt available at Armani Exchange stores. His single “

Sweet Things

” comes with the shirt including an exclusive “A|X Remix” by Tom Cloud which shows the great influence Tiësto has in fashion culture.


The charity raised over U.S. $300,000.


In November 2012, Tiësto released a compilation album Dance (RED) Save Lives in collaboration with

Product Red

, with the aim of donating any proceeds from the album to the fight against AIDS.


In June 2014, Tiësto headlined the first-ever Thank You Festival, presented by Global Citizen in partnership with

World Childhood Foundation



As a part of the festival campaign, Tiësto took part in supporting ThankYou.org. For every song shared, the Carlson Family Foundation donated $5 to the World Childhood Foundation.


In September 2014, Tiësto headlined the free

Global Citizen Festival

in New York’s Central Park.


Tiesto live show 2022
Tiesto live show 2022


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