cello deep mellow sounding musical instrument
cello deep mellow sounding musical instrument

About Deep house music 2022

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The Rise of Progressive Trance

In what could be considered the second major subgenre split (the first being Goa trance), the rise of progressive trance occurred around the same time as the development of the harder, faster styles of trance being pushed by Corsten and co.

Progressive trance contains elements of house, techno, and ambient genres. It features longer build ups and more subtle breakdowns, without the use of the high-pitched blaring synths that the big room sound made famous.

During the 90s, progressive house and progressive trance existed in harmony, with many DJs blending the two in their sets. However, the two styles do have notable differences; progressive trance generally features louder kicks than progressive house, and focuses more on arpeggios, delays, gated synths, and heavy reverb, with a broader BPM range of 130-140.


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