who cuts people's hair in the middle of the night
who cuts people’s hair in the middle of the night

Costa Mee – A Moment With You (Original Mix) 2022

Meanwhile, in the UK, some house and techno producers began to pick up on the fast-emerging trance sound coming from the continent and incorporated it into their tracks. JX – ‘You Belong To Me (No Respect Remix)’ (1995) is a great example of the early UK trance sound.

This particular style, which was eventually labelled “Nu-NRG”, became increasingly faster and harder, while taking on new musical elements such as the ubiquitous 90s rave sound of the Roland Alpha Juno 2 “hoover”, which synthesises noises and off-beat bass stabs.

By 1996, trance music was becoming a major force on the European club circuit and had also started to make a huge impression on the UK club scene. During this year, the highly-regarded Additive label (a sublabel of EMI) was launched, bringing trance to a wider UK audience. The label’s first year saw high profile releases such as X-Cabs — ‘Neuro’.


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