Benny Benassi new song
Benny Benassi new song

DJ Benny Benassi new song

We playing some of Benny Benassi song we hope you enjoy We love to give you about history of this big DJ
Early days
A native of


and raised in

Reggio Emilia

, DJ and producer Benassi, started DJing alongside cousin Alle Benassi in the late 1980s in their hometown, before moving to

Larry Pignagnoli

‘s Off Limits production studio in the mid-1990s, creating music for various acts, including


, J.K. and Ally & Jo.


In 2001, Benassi, under the name KMC, released his first hit called “I Feel So Fine”, with vocals by


. The track first climbed the charts in Benassi’s native Italy, and soon became a #1 hit in the UK club charts.


Moving from house to electro, “


” took Benassi’s success worldwide a year later with high-profile DJs like

Carl Cox


Darren Emerson

, and

Roger Sanchez

offering praises. The track reached #2 in the

UK Singles Chart


after the

Ministry of Sound

record company replaced the original video (an almost still picture of the band, overlaid with graphics) with a video of models using power tools.

2003–04: Hypnotica
In 2003 Benny Benassi released his first solo debut album


(he won the European Border Breakers Award


in 2005 which racked up the most sales for an Italian album outside Italy).

2005–07: Pumphonia and …Phobia
Benassi often works with vocalists Paul French and Violeta, who are collectively known as The Biz. He produced a group with cousin Alle, called

Benassi Bros.

, a project designed to shine the spotlight on the two Biz vocalists, Paul French and Violeta Claudia and other guest singers. A year after the release of Hypnotica, the album


marked their first full-length release, and in 2005, Benassi Bros. released their second album


. Some of Benassi’s


have charted high in the

United Kingdom

and have been played worldwide in


. Remixes for




, and

Felix da Housecat

followed. Benassi also remixes music of his contemporaries, such as




. In 2005, Benassi founded the record label Pump-Kin Music. The focus of the label is primarily new and unsigned producers. The stated aim of the venture is to give exposure to some of the lesser known DJ/production talent across the world. In August 2007, Benassi released a remix of

Public Enemy’s

“Bring the Noise”. The video for the track was created by

Eclectic Method

and features a montage of live footage from Public Enemy. It premiered on In February 2008, “Bring the Noise” won a Grammy for best Remix (Dance).

2008–09: Rock ‘n’ Rave
His album

Rock ‘n’ Rave

was released on 16 June 2008. The first single from the album was “I Am Not Drunk.” Benassi also broadcasts the one-hour long The Benny Benassi Show on

Sirius XM Radio

‘s channel




In 2009, he worked with


on a remix for her single “


” which was included on the official music video for the song. On 28 October 2009,

DJ Magazine

announced the results of their annual Top 100 DJ Poll, with

Ultra Records

artist Benny Benassi placed #26,


13 spots higher than the previous year.


2010–14: Electroman
In 2010, Benassi released “Electro Sixteen”, a video for Benny Benassi vs. “

Iggy Pop

“, “

Electro Sixteen

,” published by Ultra Records, which is an experimental music video featuring more than 15,000 photographs from his DJ set at New York’s Electric Zoo Festival.


On 24 May 2010 “Spaceship”, which featured



and Jean-Baptiste, was selected as the Song of the Day on, with the site calling Benassi’s production “tight and melodic, [while] Kelis turns in a fantastic performance.” The single was released via digital download on 21 August and charted at #18 on the UK Dance singles chart on 28 August.”


On 23 January 2011, Benny Benassi released the music video for “Electroman”, a single featuring


. Benassi produced the track “

Beautiful People

“, off

Chris Brown

‘s 2011 album


and off Benassi’s album


, released June 7 the same year. Electroman includes several singles, such as “Cinema”, “Electroman”, “Spaceship” and “Control”.


In 2012, Benassi worked a second time with Chris Brown. He contributed to “

Don’t Wake Me Up

” which was released as the fourth single of Brown’s fifth studio album


. Benny Benassi also worked with Madonna, producing three tracks for her latest album


: Second single “

Girl Gone Wild

“, “I’m Addicted” and “Best Friend” (the latter is a track which can be found on the deluxe edition of the album). In addition, Benassi produced “Stardust”, a track of British recording artist


‘s recently released studio album

The Origin of Love

. Next to them, Benny Benassi produced


latest single “You & I”. In 2013, Benassi collaborated with

John Legend


Heather Bright

respectively for the songs “Dance the Pain Away” and “Ghost”. In 2014, he released the single “Shooting Helicopters”, featuring

Serj Tankian


In 2016, Benassi worked again with Chris Brown, releasing “




which was later included in his fourth studio album


. The album also features collaborations with

Richard Judge


Marc Benjamin



, and

Christian Burns

. On June 28, 2018, he collaborated with the duo

Sofi Tukker

for the single “Everybody Needs a Kiss”.


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