night of the thumpasorus peoples live
night of the thumpasorus peoples live


Dmitry Glushkov 2022 Hi again today we have very fresh for 2022 track I hope you enjoy this

1994: The Birth of Goa Trance

While trance music was developing across Europe, it was also gathering a following in the Indian state of Goa, which had been a popular destination for psychedelic music since the late 1960s.

DJs in Goa had switched from playing psychedelic rock to electronic music during the 1980s, discovering that early trance music perfectly fitted with the hypnotic, hallucinogenic-based Goa scene.

Goa was integral to the development of trance, as DJs from all over the world brought their many influences and sounds to India. People were playing industrial/EBM, techno, synthpop, Detroit techno, German trance, etc. — basically whatever they felt like. Through this amalgamation of sound and spiritual culture, Goa trance was born.

By 1994, Goa had developed its own unique subgenre of trance music, which it began to export to Europe and the UK. Artists such as Man With No Name received playtime from world-renowned DJ Paul Oakenfold, whose timeless album, ‘Goa Mix’, introduced many Radio 1 listeners to the sound in December 1994.


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