hi ibiza nightclub
hi ibiza nightclub

French Affair – Comme Ci, Comme Ca (320 kbps)

We are playing super Sexy music from French Affair enjoy

Ghost production
A ghost producer is a hired music producer in a business arrangement who produces a song for another DJ/artist that releases it as their own,


typically under a contract which prevents them from identifying themselves as a personnel of the song.


Ghost producers receive a simple fee or royalty payments for their work and are often able to work in their preference of not having the intense pressure of fame and the lifestyle of an internationally recognized DJ.


A ghost producer may increase their notability in the music industry by acquainting with established “big name” DJs and producers.


Producers like

Martin Garrix


Porter Robinson

are often noted for their ghost production work for other producers while

David Guetta


Steve Aoki

are noted for their usage of ghost producers in their songs whereas DJs like


have been openly crediting their producers in an attempt to avoid censure and for transparency.


Many ghost producers sign agreements that prevent them from working for anyone else or establishing themselves as a solo artist.


Such non-disclosure agreements are often noted as predatory because ghost producers, especially teenage producers, do not have an understanding of the music industry.


London producer

Mat Zo

has alleged that DJs who hire ghost producers “have pretended to make their own music and [left] us actual producers to struggle”.



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