he hideth my soul lyrics
he hideth my soul lyrics

My soul song 2022

This music made by DNDM & Mirjon very warm dreamy music


From its spiritual home in Birmingham, to its first official venue in Sheffield and beyond, it’s just not possible to talk about superclubs without mentioning Gatecrasher. Starting as a one-off event in Birmingham in 1993, Gatecrasher—the brainchild of Scott Bond and Simon Raine—rose to fame in the 90s and soon became synonymous with the trance sound.

Due to the success of subsequent events, Gatecrasher bought their first venue in Sheffield in 1997, with Judge Jules as resident DJ.

But Gatecrasher’s influence wasn’t limited to nightclubs and one-off raves. In 1999, Gatecrasher released ‘Gatecrasher Wet’, a 2-disc compilation mix showcasing some of the greatest trance hits of the time. This album is widely considered one of the best dance music compilations from the late 90s.

As well as releasing a slew of highly sought mix compilations, Gatecrasher unleashed a new subculture in the form of “Crasher Kids”. Crazy, brightly-coloured outfits complete with glowsticks and dyed hair, and youths dressed as dummies, cyborgs, or anything futuristic, dominated the dancefloors at Gatecrasher events—a stark contrast to today’s all-black techno enthusiasts. Much of this was fuelled by the mass consumption of the aforementioned Mitsubishi pills, which spawned popular sayings like “havin’ it large” and “never too many”.


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