friends of the night people 5k
friends of the night people 5k

Nikko_culture if your love

this track mixed by half Dreamy and another Half Dance music Enjoy by Nikko

Quench released ‘Dreams’ in 1993, which became a massive club hit and received airplay on Pete Tong’s BBC Radio 1 show throughout December 1993.‘Dreams’ is an early example of a trance track which combined atmospheric pads with filtered sawtooth* synthesiser riffs, a technique which became more commonplace towards the end of the decade.

More typical of the proto trance sound of that time is the vocal mix featured in ‘Celebrate’ by Miro; the filter sweeps were not yet present, but ‘Celebrate’ boasts an infectious lead riff repeated over gradually layered synth pads and a bassline key change. Techniques like these were later employed by trance producers to create the genre’s trademark hypnotic feel.


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